disabled wireless adapter - cat walked on my keyboard

Working on my laptop - connected to wireless DSL network
Cat walked across my keyboard and viola - my wireless adapter is disabled. I cannot see anything that's out there - I can just see old networks I have connected to in the past.

Obvious questions:
- Am I sure my DSL is working? Yes - it's how I'm connected now
- Did I reboot my computer - Yes - still doesn't work
- Did I try to re-enable the wireless adapter - Not yet - jst got instructions off of Internet Technology Blog..
- Did I try to re-install drivers - no - and I'd rather not - I think it's just disabled.
- Would I like to know what keys my cat hit - Yes - It's a DELL and she walked across the lower left hand side of the keyboard - but I don't know exactly what keys.

HELP !!!!!!!!!!



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Hello and welcome to the forums. If you would list your specific model name and model number someone could probably be more specific. But in the mean time you are probably looking for the "FN" key usually in the bottom left of your keyboard (blue or purple) and then holding that, look across the top row for a corresponding blue or purple icon that might look something like a radio antenna, or perhaps another type of icon with waves emanating from it. Otherwise there may be a seperate button entirely to turn your wireless on and off, which may be at the top of the keyboard area, or perhaps somewhere along one of the edges.
Hope this helps


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Those silly cats.:p

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