Disabling Automatic Restart Doesn't Work

I've been having a problem which seems to be quite common among many Windows 7 users.

I'm currently running Windows 7 Ultimate and it's been fine for about 3 weeks. 3 days ago, it started shutting down on me randomly when i'm playing games. No BSODs, no warnings, nothing. It's as though the power got turned on and off.

I tried disabling automatic restart in the control panel. Again, it restarted randomly with no BSOD. And again I tried disabling it by pressing F8 during the boot. Again it didn't work.

The crashes are bothering me and I have absolutely no idea what went wrong since I did not get to see any BSOD and all event viewer tells me is Kernel Power, Unexpected shutdown. With no bugcheck.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me here. I did not install any new drivers, softwares or hardware prior to the first crash which happened out of nowhere.

*I've come to notice that this happens whenever i've tried running stuffs that requires my VGA card to work. For e.g, encoding a video, running a game or even as simple as alt tabbing.


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First guess is overheating of your graphics card or CPU. How old is the computer? Have you renewed the cooling paste on the CPU since purchase, if it is a couple of years old, for example?

That's my first guess too. I did not change the paste but I cleaned my heatsink and fan on both my CPU and GPU after the first few reboot. And their temperature dropped alot.

My E4400 running at 50ish, max 62 degrees and my GPU max at 58 full load. And still it crashed just now.

But shouldn't overheating have a BSOD too?


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I seocnd what Rak said aobut the overheating. I honestly cant think of anything else that would help out with this issue. Overheating has no BSOD because it is a waste of time and the processor could be fried by the time the PC turns off.


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Open the case and put an external fan on it to check.


I'll monitor it and we'll see how it goes.

Ok, here's an update.

It been a week. I've changed my CPU cooler to a CoolerMaster Hyper TX3. Idle temp is 36 and Max load is around 52. GPU's heatsink throughly cleaned, idle temp is 42, max load is 60.

And i'm still getting these reboots with no BSOD.

I just checked my logs and temperatures were normal during time of auto reboot.

Any help?


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Something you might try just for info is to check the power configuration. After the test is done, make note of where the report is filed so you can check it.

Open an Admin Prompt by typing cmd in the start menu search box. Hit CTRL-SHIFT + Enter.
At the prompt, type (without quotes) "powercfg -energy". This will run about a 1 minute test and might give you a clue.

I've PMed you the report.

I do not see anything wrong with it.




Hi there got same problem looks like..if u found any solution..plz let me know:) ..thanks!

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