Disabling volume auto-adjustment when a jack is plugged/unplugged in

Hi everyone,

When I want to use my headphones or my external speakers, the global volume is automatically adjusted to a different setting. This happens invariably every time, when i plug in or plug out the jack.

Is there any way to disable this behavior?

Hardware details: I am using an ACER ASPIRE 7740 laptop.

thanks for any help,


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If you right click the speaker icon, go to playback devices, and the Communications tab... Looks like that might do what you want..

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it seems that the tab you are describing concerns the behavior on phone calls. I wanted to change the behavior on the plug in/out of the jack.


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I was thinking because you are using a headset that it might be considered "communication activity"

I have some options in the Realtek control panel that seem to control the popup dialog when plugging and unplugging and such things as Muting the rear device when a front headphone is plugged in or make front and rear output devices playback different audio streams at the same time. If you don't have a Realtek panel to check, maybe you have a different manufacturer with the same type of options.

Otherwise, I don't see anything...

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