Windows 7 Disappear all my files when I install Windows 7?


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Jan 10, 2009
Hello, ,

If I install Windows 7, possibility that i will lose all my files?

Thanks you.

Sorry for my bad Englisch i am a dutch people (14 years).

Greetzz Mathijs!

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Yes, if you do a clean install.

If you do an upgrade from vista sp1 you will keep everything.

Windows Live mail (vista version) is not compatible but emails and etc are reported to be safe during the upgrade then install the Window7 version

What do you do with a clean installation?
And how do I later from my installation?

It is better if you make another (second) partition. You can then install from the installation Windows 7 DVD, on boot up. Install 7 on the new, empty partition. It should make a dual boot for you so you can enjoy both of your installations.

what is a clean update?

what is a clean update?
If you mean a clean install, it's like getting a new PC. Everything is default and there are no files apart from the ones that are there as standard.

Just explaining the possibilities and riscs in Dutch for the guy :

Voor de duidelijkheid :
Bij een update van Windows Vista SP1 naar Windows 7 hou je alle geinstalleerde programma's en instellingen. Soms zijn er programma's/drivers die niet met Windows 7 werken, dit zal tijdens het upgrade proces gedetecteerd worden.

Een clean install is de procedure dat je op een lege partitie of schijf de Windows 7 NAAST je bestaande Windows Vista installeerd. Deze install neemt geen geinstalleerde programma's of instellingen over.
Na installatie krijg je bij het opstarten de keuze welke Windows versie je wil starten.

Normaal werkt een upgrade goed maar in mijn geval ging het niet helemaal lekker. Mijn settings en geinstalleerde programma's werden niet goed overgenomen, ik moest ook 3x de upgrade opnieuw starten omdat deze steeds fouten tegenkwam.

Het is dus ook aan te raden om deze BETA versie niet als upgrade te installeren op je primaire systeem.

Cannot see my files in mydocuments folders, but folder structure and disk space used

I have installed Windows 7 (upgraded Vista) and after installation all files on my Documents folder have "disappeared"! Folder structure and Disk space has not changed, but there are no files inside the folders...

Can anyone help? Do I have to use a data recvovey software or is this just a "protection" on user files?

Thank you.

If you do a clean installation with either Vista or Windows 7 over an existing operating system it will save all your files. It puts them in a folder called Windows.old. It's on your (Windows 7):/ drive. You may need to go into Folder options - View and click on "Show Hidden Files" before you can find it first. I'm not sure since it's been quite a few months since I installed the W7 RC and I always show hidden files anyway.

Then you can move the stuff you want to save into your new operating system. After you save everything you'll want to delete the file. It takes up a lot of space. The only way you can do this is to:

Start - All Programs - Accessories - System tools - Disk Cleanup (or however you want to get there).
select your Windows 7 drive and click OK.
After you get the results of your scan click "Clean up system files" and select your W7 drive again.
One of the files you can delete is the Windows.old file. select it and click OK.

That's all there is to it.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunatly the directory windows.old does not show up (and I have activated show hidden files). My Documents folder was on a diferent partition (d:/) and it still shows all the folders and subfolders but no file is availabe. The total disk space available indicates that these files should still be in the HDD (from properties)...
Any clues?

I was afraid that might be the case. I never upgrade. I didn't know how it handled that.

I mainly wrote that post because I've heard so many people in here say that you lose all your files when you clean install.

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