Disappearing Gadgets

One thing I've noticed and don't care for, if you haven't tried this, add gadgets to your desktop and then right click the desktop and go to "View" and uncheck "Show Desktop Items" your gadgets are hidden also.

I think the there should be an option to keep the gadgets on the desktop or atleast have a way where you can bring them back to view, if I'm just missing something please educate me on this.

Thanks in Advance

There should be an option for this, I sent Microsoft some feedback on it. I unchecked 'Show Desktop Icons'. I attempted to open the CPU Meter gadget and it didn't open. I tried again but it didn't work. I tried again several times the next day and I just happened to enable 'Show Desktop Icons' and 7 instances of CPU Meter showed up.

I agree , selecting hide desktop icons should not hide Gadgets. i always like to hide all icon in the desktop to keep it clean. but I Like my gadgets....


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Wanted to make a thread, but it steered me here.

I'm getting tired of having to execute "Reset_Gadgets.bat" everytime I re-boot or start up my computer.

Is there a permanent fix? Windows-7 isn't that old, right?

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