Been messing with this problem for 3 solid days with other guys on other help sites.
Rran every diagnostic known to man! Nothing! Had been infected with the "zero access" rootkit. Anyways, i took a look at my "Services' program and found that damned thing had shut off most all of my services! Specifically...MS Net Framework GMER ver 2.0 and 4.0. Enabled them both to "automatic" and started them and then rebooted and "voila" my desktop icons and my start menu is back. Took three days of running every damned diagnostic you can imagine! And then found out it was a problem with my "services"! Guess Rogue killer, aswMBR, Combofix, ESET, Hijackthis, Malwarebytes, tdskiller, Stinger, unhide, and a few others have their place but damn people. All the sophisticated programs in the world didn't find this problem. I only found thia by accident. I decided after i'd gotten desperate ta see what was running on this machine. Processes looked o.k. then i went into services and found that most of them were either disabled or had been changed to manual. Not good! Like ta get my hands on the sob who wrote "zero access". think people who write code like that ought ta get at least 20 years without parole. A sick demented bastard who does things like this shouldn't be allowed to live in a civilized society(such as it is)!


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You havn't listed a problem for help, so can we assume everything is now running normally?
But. If you want to reset your services to their correct procedures, this page might help

Black Viper’s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations | Black Viper's Website | www.blackviper.com

I would also suggest you try an antivirus program with an early detect of Rootkit viruses

There are several around if you google.


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Any guesses as to how you got the rootkit and what the symptoms were?

But thanks for the info..

I'm certain i got it ftom downloading some "freeby". Think this has broke me of the habit. Uninstalled most of the junk i didn't really need. Anyways, after my computer ran antivirus last night it shut down as scheduled. Booted up this morning and logged in and guess what? No icons and no start menu! Man, something is seriously wrong with this machine...help!


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Watch carefully when you install free stuff...

I can't tell you how many times I have installed tool bars etc, that I didn't want just because I didn't take the time to see and un-check the install such and such an app that was riding along with what I wanted.

But to get to the point, if you do get real malware, Malwarebytes works better then any thing else that I have tried getting rid of them.

I have yet to see anything it couldn't remove on a lot of different computers.


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I agree ya can't beat Malwarebytes! I also like Spybot S&D. Been using it for a long time. If i ever get my icons and start menu back don't think i'm going to be downloading very many "freebys" anymore!...Charlie


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You might want to do a web search for "zero access". It seems ESET has a page on it. It may take some manual intervention to get rid of the entire problem. I am not associated with or recommend any specific anti-virus program, just found this reference.

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