Disappearing mapped network drive madness


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We have a small netwrok with one workgroup. We recently added a new machine running wn7Pro 64-bit. We had to fiddle for days with it just to make winXPpro and win2kPro workstations and their drives visible to it. That should be out-of-the-box automatic functionality, but it isn't because Win7Pro makes many intrusive assumptions which, for our use cases, are just flat wrong.

Now, those workstations and their drives keep disappearing from the win7 workstation's view!

Running a net use command makes one workstation visible again to the win7 station. That's good as far as it goes, but the fact that this is necessary is preposterous.

In the case of another xpPro station, also a w2kPro station, nothing works to bring the stations back into view.

So instead of getting our work done, here we are again fiddling with what Microsoft claims is a new and improved operating system.

It is new, but it is not improved. If it were possible to go back to XP, we would. But Micosoft has made that impossible.

So what in blazes do we have to do to get these LAN stations and their drives to stay visible to our new Win7Pro workstation!?