Windows 7 Disappearing mapped network drives


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Jun 13, 2011
We have this recurring issue where some mapped network drives disappear from 'my computer'. They usually appear after 1 or 2 reboots, but having to go through this each time is a bit annoying.

Right now all our client computers are running windows 7 pro on a 2008 domain server. We've been having this issue from when we had the 2003 server and its still happening every now and then

can someone please help out with this.
I don't have any experience with a domain situation, but I suppose my first question would be are the drives always available, or do you have something setup, like network discovery (Network and Sharing Center) that would check for the drives on or after boot?

I did find this Microsoft page that might be related.
We have login scripts set up. Network discovery is off for most users but this never affected the drives before.
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