Windows 7 Disappearing Programs


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My wife's computer is Win. 7 64 bit. There has been a couple of programs to disappear. This last one was a NOVA Scrapbook Factory. The desk top icon was still there but the program was gone. When you double clicked the icon it said to install the Install Disk. So I re-installed it. If I go into My Computer,C drive, Program files it doesn't show up in either Program folder. If I open Remove Programs it is listed there. I just don't understand!
Did you run the install by right clicking on the install program and selecting "run as administrator"?
The system is running as administrator. If I right click the Icon, Properties shows it as (C:\Users\Public\Desktop)
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I am referring to the installation icon (when you originally run the installation) (not the runtime icon to run the installed program). Might be worth you giving us the name of the software - some programs install to odd places (like the root of the system drive).
Shouldn't be a problem then - try uninstalling it, rebooting and reinstalling - running the install by right clicking and running as admin.
Pat I finally found it on C drive in the 32 bit folder, in the NOVA folder. This Win.7 64 bit drives me crazy with the two Program folders. What confused me was when I place the cursor on the NOVA folder icon it didn't show the program,but when I opened the NOVA folder there it is. Thank you for the help.
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Right - I was going down the path o it just not being where it was supposed to be - the information you've just come up with you could have found by right clicking on the desktop shortcut, selecting "properties", clicking on the shortcut tab and looking at the "target" address. Howevere - all's well . . .
There is a sense in which I suppose it is now academic but for future reference it should show three expressions containing "target" - targert type, target location and a box titled just "target:". That box should contain the full drive and folder location of the program.