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I'm new to this forum, so hi all.

I'm a SDM for a software house, and decided it was time to evaluate Windows 7 to see whether it made sense to move to it from Windows Vista.

The first thing I will say is that we do not like Windows Vista and would love to move away from it. This is primarily because it is very resource intensive (1GB+ just to load the OS).

I've used Windows 7 Ultimate from our MSDN subscription for the evaluation.

I have to say that the install was smooth and very easy to execute (once I worked out how to remove the 100MB "recovery" partition that was added automatically).

Once it was installed though, I'm afraid I felt things went downhill.
Most of the people who work at our company use "Classic" themes in Vista (and previously in XP), with classic start menu.
This is because we prefer this interface. I think it would be fair to say that some other IT Professionals also prefer it.

In Windows 7 I put the theme to classic but was disappointed to see that I was unable to change the taskbar to anything but the new Vista-style one.
Also, the taskbar is huge and I do not know how to make it smaller (spent ages googling it with no solution).
Additionally, when attempting to install any software, I was informed I needed to use an Admin account, even though I was a computer administrator and a member of the Admins group.
Even enabling the Admin account and using that to attempt the install failed. So I have been unable to install anything.

So far, extremely disappointing.

In explorer, the folder view also appeared in the "new" style, with favourites showing above a large list of pointless entries - I just want a list of my folders starting with my drives... Not all these additional things. I can't figure out how to put this back to a more classic-style view (in Vista it was possible).

I read that Microsoft have declared that it is "time to move on", but I don't understand why the choice to "not move on" has been taken away from people like myself who prefer the old-style interface.

I do not want a glossy, highly graphical user interface with big buttons and gradients everywhere. I'm not using a Mac. I do not want this kind of look and feel.
These things mean nothing to me and add no value, in fact I find the new large taskbar an intrusive use of my screen space.

However, one good thing is that W7 has a significantly smaller memory footprint then Vista once its loaded, which was excellent to see.

As I could install no software (due to this odd "Admin" login problem stated above), I could do nothing else with the install, so that's as far as I got, but I'm afraid I'll personally be staying Vista for now.
(shame I can't stay XP to be honest but need 4GB ram)

Does anyone else share my views, or am I just an old dinosaur dreaming of the old days?


You'll get used to it. There are ways to customize Windows 7:

TweakWin7.com - Customizing the Windows 7 Taskbar

Additionally, when attempting to install any software, I was informed I needed to use an Admin account, even though I was a computer administrator and a member of the Admins group.
Exactly what is the message that pops up ?


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Hi there,
Thanks for your response and your encouragement to persevere.
I will attempt to do so, as I'm sure I can get used to the new layout and style. I just don't want to have to :)

Regarding the pop-up message for installation something - I was attempting to install AVG.
When I clicked the MSI, a Windows message popped up saying I may not be able to run the application unless I was logged in as Administrator (I'm afraid I don't have the W7 machine to hand else I could give you a screenshot).

I have already disabled UAC so it's not to do with that. However, my user account is an Admin (it's in the Admins group).
Logging in as Admin made no difference, the prompt still appeared and I was totally unable to install AVG.
It also affected other installation packages too, I have so far not been able to install anything. It's very odd.

A quick google showed that others have experienced the same without much of a solution other then reinstalling W7.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Are you using the latest version of AVG? When I install programs it will put up the UAC screen asking if I'm allowing it to install. I allow it and it just installs correctly. I use ESET Smart Security and it installed without a hitch. It seems to me like maybe the problem is in AVG. Have other programs failed to install?

Failure to install doesn't seem normal. I've never had a problem. Win7 is the best thing since sliced bread to me. :D


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About the Start Menu, there are alternatives. I use the Vista Start Menu.

Vista Start Menu – Convenient alternative to Start menu

I've tried CSMenu also.

CSMenu Brings the Classic Start Menu Back to Windows 7 - Featured Windows Download - Lifehacker

I was disappointed with the Win7 Start Menu too. The Vista Start Menu is awesome. I use it on Vista also. :D

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