Windows 7 disconnected network drives


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Mar 14, 2012
I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I have 4 network external drives attached to my router via 2 Cisco NSLU2 servers. The drives connect when I boot the PC but after a while (it seems random) the drives just disconnect. I can click on my computer and bring the drives back one at a time. This is very troubling as I may be running a lengthy copy and it terminates due to this disconnect. I have no control over this action and need help on why this is happening.

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Would the use of net commands be any help in understanding this problem?

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The 2 Cisco NSLU2 servers are running Debian which is current.
I also have a new Synology DS413j connected to my router with 4 WD internal drives installed.
The drives in the DS413j also become disconnected randomly.

Is there any way the networking function in Windows can be accessed to see
what parameters are set?

I fixed this problem by using
It is a timing problem as I suspected. I turned off the autodisconnect option.

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It is a little strange they would disconnect while being used. I was thinking possibly some type of sleep setting or maintenance event, but that should not happen when being used.

The same thing happens when you use just one server at a time?

Could another device be conflicting with the IP address of the servers?

Edit: I was looking at the comments about the device on the Newegg site. The problem maybe related to the drives being USB and not internal. Have you checked to see if any updated firmware is available.

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