Disconnects from internet at random intervals

I just installed windows 7 ultimate on an extra harddrive that i have, i am using a Belkin N Wireless router for internet installed just fine but the network will completely disconnect every few mins. at random times anywhere from 2 mins to 20 mins

the wireless adapter i am using is the Belkin N wireless F5D8053 v3. they do not have windows 7 drivers specifically for this yet but it installed fine with my vista drivers.

I have about 20 suggestions in the link in my tagline.

I also had the same problem where Win 7 would lose access to the internet while downloading from Carbonite. I found that when the computer went into hibernation mode the NIC would disconnect. By disabling the NIC then re-enabling, the internet connection would come back only to turn off at some later time.

The problem was solved by changing hibernation to "never" did the trick. Control Panel=>Power Options=> Put computer to sleep = never.

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