Disk Boot Failure on Windows 7


I am having some serious issues with my computer! I have a Gateway with a Western Digital HDD. I do not know the specifics, but I could look them up if you could tell me where to look! I am good with computers - just not computer language, so bear with me!

I installed Windows 7 32-bit from a DVD (legally bought) and did it as an upgrade to Vista. I noticed that if my computer lost power for some reason or was hard reset, it would have to boot from the CD ROM and then would be fine. Everytime this happened, it started getting harder and harder for it to restart.

Well, today it lost power to it and refuses to start back up. At first it would try to boot from the CD and if I tried to install Windows again, it wouldn't let me because it said the computer was started from a CD and that it needed to start normally, which it will not do.

After 2 hours of tinkering with settings, it won't even try to start now. I have tried every single order of startups - HDD, CD ROM, other....At first it would try and now it won't even boot the CD. Just says DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. I have checked all cables and all cords and cannot figure this out! Please help!


Gateway is still proprietary hardware, no? somewhere on the case should be a label showing model details.

Sounds to me you have a hardware failure maybe power supply or hdd - you need to see an authorised service then.

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