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Well i've noticed ever since i did that clean install on my new HDD it will always tell me to run a disk check at boot, I usually cancel it but its always pops up even if I do do it which is quite annoying, and the thing is I can use the partition manager because it says that the disk may be corrupted and to run a disk check -_-

How would I go about turning this feature off or delaying it to like 30 days:confused:

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I get the same exact thing. Though mine might be different.

I reboot, it states about the scan, but I can't skip it!!! No matter what key I press, it doesn't skip, though this could be because I have a USB keyboard (I have to test that theory out by unhooking it. Press a key on the laptop or the external keyboard doesn't do anything)

Thing is, sometimes it just...counts down to one, and then does nothing....the hard drive light blinks at some interval, but the computer goes nowhere.

Other times, it counts down and then just goes straight to my login. Totally skipping check.

The drive is always marked as dirty.

Now I have an interesting thing to ask...might you have skype installed?

The other thing is, my laptop is BRAND NEW so there for if it IS a HDD problem...well looks like I will be RMAing my laptop if that is the case.

Oh and I did MANUALLY ask windows to check the disk THROUGHLY recently to try to fix the problem...but it went PISS SLOW...Slower then i have ever seen (and this is a 2.8 GHz with only a 320GB)

Seems win7 has some bugs with things like the HDD kernel or something. Why would they even rewrite code for that? Worked fine in xp and vista so why fix what isn't broke?

If you want it to go away for a while you can do this

If you want to disable check disk on two or more drives, just keep on adding the drives:
chkntfs /X C: D: E:
This will disable check disk on C, D and E drives.
If you want to restore what you have done, that is, enable automatic disk checking on all the drives again, just run the following command:
chkntfs /D
This will restore all the drives to automatic disk checkup.
Method 2: Using Registry
To disable automatic disk checking at Windows startup through registry, go to the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
In the right hand pane, double click BootExecute.
The default value of the key is autocheck autochk *
* means every drive is checked for consistency. Just add /K:C at the end before *. /K switch will disable autocheck on C: drive at Windows startup. So the final value should look like this:
autocheck autochk /k:C *
If you want to add more drives, the key should look like this: (disabling C and D drives)
autocheck autochk /k:C /k:D *
If you want to restore everything to default, just replace the key with the default one i.e.,
autocheck autochk *


I am doing this also since i cant even skip it with my computer but if you can I suggest keeping it on.

Someone needs to tell me if this is a bug with win7 or if it really is our hardware.

*Diagnostics Taken*

Dled Seagate tools
--Smart (passed)
--Short DST (Passed)
--Long DST (passed)
--Short Genric (passed)
--Long generic (Not ran)

Seems win7 has some bugs with things like the HDD kernel or something. Why would they even rewrite code for that? Worked fine in xp and vista so why fix what isn't broke?
This may be all I comment on,, but,, this is completely unfounded. Prove it.
your problem is NOT a windows problem. it is a your PC problem.

Your OS could be corrupted, who knows how. Have you run full hardware diags? No.
Bad RAM can also cause problems like this. If you decide to run Mem Diags, make sure they run for no less than 4 to 6+ hours. One or 2 passes is not sufficient to claim that ram is good.

The Dirty Bit is set and not being reset...
There is a known issue caused by bad HDD or Unclean Windows Shutdown. Just cause it looks like it shutdown clean, doesn't mean it did. This could still be an OS problem, but it is definitely NOT a bug.

To clear the Dirty Bit try running CHKDSK /F C: from a command prompt.

Just cause something isn't working correctly, do not automatically assume it is a bug in windows.
The largest percentage of problems with windows is caused by the user.

but it went PISS SLOW...Slower then i have ever seen (and this is a 2.8 GHz with only a 320GB)
Means diddly squat if you had it do a surface area check, it has to check the entire 320G HDD.
More surface area of the platters, more sectors to check, the longer it is going to take.

well thanks for the help, and like I said it is a brand new hard drive with a clean install of se7en, i never had this problem with my old HDD and yes I do have skype but i just put it on 3 or so days ago much later than when i got my new HDD and started to experience these problems.

Also along with my new 320gb HDD I got two new 2gb ram but I installed those before my HDD and I also had seven and never had to chkdisk

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Sorry for the DP, i did the regedit and now it doesn't dick check anymore which solves one problem, but now i can't manage my partitions because like I said it thinks the drive is dirty/corrupted but it isn't!!!

I also ran a couple memory diagnostic tests and it said it found no problems.

What can I do to fix this?

Find the manufacturer of the hard drive and run hard drive daigs
Could be a bad hard drive

well it's a brand spanking new hardrive, toshiba, in the packaging.

but how would i run HDD diags?

Yeah,, bummer,, Toshiba refuses to create any HDD Diags.

You can try Western Digital WDDiags or Seagate Seatools For Windows
Or call Dell (Recommended) and have them walk you through running thier HDD Diags.

woopsy toshiba was my old HDD I actually have a Samsung HM320JI

how would I run the diags on it? sorry im not much of a hardware specialist lol

erm i downloaded it, but when I click the .exe the cmd opens then just closes a second later....?

tried to run as admin no luck either, wtf?

You will prbably need to d/l the ISO and burn that to CD, then restart with the CD in the drive.
This should boot to the cd and start the diags.

This is as much detail as I can go into at this time.

Alright, firstly I'll try to virtually boot it in power iso and see if that will work. Good thing I have those cheap 700meg cd's lyin around somewhere...

sorry for the DP but I burned and booted the CD and it claims that it will delete all the files on my HDD

so I guess I'll have to live without being able to partition and such for a while

And I thought I had already suggested a full data backup to another drive, but I didn't.
Backup your data first.

That's not right. You may have chosen the wrong option.
No data should be touched,,, it is only testing.

There is a write function to wipe and test the drive,, but that is not the only function.

At this point I would suggest you seek professional assistance from a shop.

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hrm well it warned me that the data may become erased/corrupted if I run the check...and no thats the only option since i booted the disk and it went strait to that for some reason but i doubt it.

Oh ok,,, that is because, if the drive is bad, it can fail worse during testing.
You should always backup data before hand.

hehe i would but whats the point of backing up my data on a "bad" disk... anyways its probably not bad just a compatibility issue or something with seven, like I said its a brand new HDD not really meant for this OS

but thanks for all the help!


Well as a final note. Even new HDD's can be bad.

If you don't care about losing the data, then, ok.
But data can be retrieved from a failing HDD and not be corrupted. It's not a guarantee but it is very doable.

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