Disk check for consistency at startup.. HELP PLEASE

My computer will not get past the file checking screen where it stops the countdown at 1 and does nothing. No matter what I press it won't boot up, it always freezes and does nothing. I went into startup options, and did every diagnostic test there, all came up 100% Ok, that took over 6 hours. And I still can't get past the screen. I have close to 1000 episodes of tv on there, I really don't want to lose everything... HELP

Hey there....

I'll tell it like it is....

You need to install a new hard drive in all likelihood as your current one is on the fritz.

To help for the moment, boot to safe mode then run this command from a prompt:

chkdsk /r

You're not going to lose any data so don't worry about that. But you should install a new hard drive and copy what you need off the original asap, after running that command.

Okay well when I got it to boot by madly pressing keys after a lot of tries.. I tried chkdsk /r and it says it can't because theres another process or something, I've read you can disable it with chkntfs /X :C, I'm gonna see if that works, but I hope theres nothing wrong with my drive.. I ran a hard drive diagnostic test and everything was fine

I have this exact same problem and tried to do what you said (booted from safe mode, then entered chkdsk /r) however I get a very brief message window (it disappears in under a second) telling me I do not have sufficient privileges to perform this operation.

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