Disk Drive dissapears when content is paused/closed

Hello Windows 7 forums. I have a problem. Windows Vista wouldn't start up, which was a bitch but I installed windows 7 over the top and kept all my old files, which was ok. But now when I put a CD in with avi's or whatever on the disk drive disappears when content is paused or closed and doesn't show up if there isn't a disc in. Any help would be much appreciated. :(

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When you say doesn't show up, do you mean in the computer window?

If so, try watching the Computer window and open the tray on the drive. Does the drive show for a few seconds?

Does the drive show in the bios during boot?

it doesnt show up in the computer window untill i put something in, in this case a data disc with avi's on. Then i can play the files off it ok but when i pause/close the VLC window, it dissapears and i have to open and close the drive again.


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I am still not clear of what is happening from your response, but it sounds like my situation. The drive may disappear is some windows (Explorer) if there is no content in the drive.

Anyway, mine behaved as I described in my first post and I had to update the firmware on the DVD drive, which corrected the problem.

where would i go about finding the firmware for my drive? Its the DVD drive from an ACER aspire 5738z, i've looked on their website and can't find it in the driver downloads.

Look in the device manager to see which exact DVD drive it is, then search for it on the manufacturer's website.

You could also install the latest bios for the motherboard, even though the firmware is still likely to be needed for the drive:

Service & Support

It wasn't showing up on my Device Driver list until i opened the disc tray. It came up and said it was a "Slimtype DVD DSA3S ATA" and under manufacturer it just said "(Standard CD-ROM drives)". It says that the device is working properly then after a few seconds says

"Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer."

Then when i close it, it says that there are no drivers installed for it. I'll install what I can from the Acer support website for the BIOS drivers but I don't know where to look for the device firmware.


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I have looked for firmware for the drive, and like you have been unable to find it. You might get hold of Acer and ask them. Explain you are looking for firmware and tell them how it is acting. Maybe they will have a better answer.

If you are able, you also might remove the drive and see if it has a label in case the actual model is different from what you show. Many times the devices are re-branded from another manufacturer, like Lite-on. The problem with using that is the model numbers are usually different.

I will keep looking.

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