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i just installed the Windows 7 beta and my cd drives are not showing up. I can not also open my disk drive at all when i am using Windows 7. I dool boot with Vista 64bit and it seems to be working fine there. please help, i think it is really useless if my laptop can't use a disk drive when im using Windows 7.
and if it matters i have an Asus G50v laptop
Go into disk management and assign the drives letters. Then check to see if they come up in my computer.
did you check to see if the optical drive showed up in device manager. Go to start and type in Device Manager and hit enter. Go to DVD/CDRom Drives. IS there anything listed? if not scroll down further and look for a category called other devices and see if there is anything in there. Then check all the other categories to see if any of them have the little yellow exclamation mark.
Ok, this one threw me for a loop for a while, so I hope this helps someone.

iTunes installs a system level CD ROM driver, called GEARAspiWDM.sys. This driver is used by iTunes to burn CDs. The problem, however, is it caused your ROM drives to toss a driver signature problem in control panel (yellow ! on the devices). The fix is to search for the key in the registry. Unforunately I already made the change and closed the registry, so I can't tell you the exact key, but do a search for that file name. You're looking for a key called upperfilter. When you find it, double click that key and delete that filename. Then, remove your ROM devices and let Windows redetect them.

This is what worked for me. BTW, it's really cool that someone tossed this site up to help people. It didn't specifically help me, but I hope it helps others.

The entry in question is....

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}]

Delete upperfilters and lowerfilters. I didnt have lowerfilters on my machine, but deleting the upperfilters worked a treat.

Hope that helps someone.
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I dont see a letter assigned to my other HDD in the disk manager. So I tryed to add a letter (I just picked E) and then tryed to access the drive in my computer and it said it was not accessable ? Any ideas?
Re: disk drive not showing up

Hi guys,
First let me thank everyone for taking the time to help others out with issues. It means a lot to know that there are still people out there that care.

Now, let me note that I think I'm having the same problem listed in this thread. I installed Itunes (b/c I used to be a mac enthusiast and got an iphone but now realize that apple just sells overpriced crap) and now my computer wont recognize the cd/dvd drive. It wont show up in "My Computer" and is undiscoverable when I try to reinstall the device. I would like to try the fix noted here but I am having trouble making sense of what to do? I am admittedly a newb when it comes to windows (just got my gateway last week [bye bye macbook hehehe]). So please provide step by step instructions in layman's terms. thanks
Re: disk drive not showing up

Nevermind guys, I figured it out. Hooray.

All I had to do is learn about registry. Thank god for the internet
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ok, edited the registry, and i have my cd drive back, but now itunes is yelling at me because its registry values have changed... i guess i wont be burning disks using itunes until they release another update to fix their mess up
I'm Back.

Fixed the problem the first time by deleting the upper/lower filters in the registry. Optical drive worked well fro a while. Then, it stopped working. I recently updated Itunes and suspect this is the cause. Please advise. Snapshots attached for reference.

regedit snapshot.PNGDisk Management snapshot.PNG