disk management

hi is it possible to merge disks in windows 7 c: and d: my dad was able to do this somehow on vista but i am new to windows so dont know my way about it yet could any one point me in the right direction please


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If both the disks have data on them, you will need a third party app to merge. I use Paragon Hard Disk manager, but its not free, but there is a demo you can try. Someone else may know a good freeware app for you?
If one has no data, you can delete its partition and extend the other to make it bigger. Right click computer and click manage. On the left down the bottom is disk management. You can do it all there.

thanks for reply, the second disk has nothing on it so i opened disk management but am unsure as to how i would remove the partition and extend the other, is this possible as they are 2 seperate disks thanks liam


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You can get a free copy of Paragon Partition Manager 10 Express here

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