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May 15, 2009

Im trying to setup a Soft RAID 5 on my Win7RC install. Disk Manager hates me, it takes forever to connect to the Virtual Disk Service, and then it sits there and never loads the disk information.

When and if it ever loads I cannot create a RAID 5 set even though I have upgraded by 3 500 GB non system or boot drives to dynamic.

Disk 0: System reserved and System Installed.
Disk1,2,3: -> RAID 5....

Any Ideas?
Disk Manager shouldnt be taking long to connect. I would download Hirens boot disk, , remove drive 0, completely wipe all the drives redy for your raid and try again.

Actually I wouldnt do any of this as my expereinces of software raid 5 were not good in terms of performance or reliability, but if you want to play around with it then I think youre best to blat your drives and try again
I only use it for the DATA voluem for MP3, videos, and MCE data. the OS is on Disk 0. the reson im trying to use soft RAID is its the same CPU util as the FAKE RAID provided by the NRAID driver and allows me to port the volume to any windows system that will reconize the file system. (aka decouple from the controller)

ok, thanks to DISKPART the answer is soft RAID 5 is not supported on this version of windows. ok thats an intelligent answer. so its the same as XP until some one hacks it to enable the RAID 5 option it will not be avalbile.

as to doing it in FAKE RAID, Nforce 3 dosent have it so I'm SOL. Strippe set it is untill its haked.

performance is way better(overall and in disk manager), I enabled the NVRAID controller, it would appear that unlike previous windows where you used the NVRAID driver at own data risk (aka you have to pretend it was IDE really funky things would happen) Win 7 has this fixed. in the mean time I'm keeping my external backup just in case....
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