diskpart lists no drives or volumes other than the dvd-rom dirve

Hi guys,

I just put in a new second harddrive, but my machine won't start into windows anymore (win7 64-bit sp1).
I just have a black screen after boot with a blinking cursor top left corner and the HD led on the pc is on permanently...
So I decided to pop in the installation dvd and was able to get into recovery environment.
Launched the command window and diskpart, but DP lists no drives or volumes...
When I take the new disk out, the system boots up normally...

I can see where this is going, so is there anyway to use the recovery environment to scan the drive for errors?
Chkdsk doesn't work cos no drives are present, supposedly.
Can I manually mount a drive?
Unfortunately I don't have an external hdd dock to stick the drive in.

A little help please, mr. wizard ;-)



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Maybe your BIOS is set to AHCI. Make sure it is set to IDE. Some spinning disks do not play well in AHCI.


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It looks like there must be something about the new drive causing the problem. Is it a new drive and SATA or PATA? Have you tried to boot to the DVD with just it connected and use Diskpart to clean it?

I would suggest possibly you have the drives out of order, but if no active partition was on the new drive, it should not make a difference.

Does the bios see the drive during boot?

The Drive led staying on almost sounds like the times when you would reverse the polarity of the Led connectors.

it's a new sata drive and the bios doesn't see it
the bios does however see the bootdisk, but once past the bios the system detects neither drive and the system won't boot.
I haven't had time to switch the drives and start the machine with just the new drive attached.
I'll try that next

Every machine I plug this drive into seems to be having problems... I guess that's that...


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Ummm, did you format the drive/partitions?


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I think this drive is ready to be RMAd.

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