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Windows 7 disks not showing up


New Member
Jan 11, 2009
hi i have 3 other opperating systems installed on the same harddrive as my windows 7 (vista, mac osx and ubtuntu) and none of the drives show up in windows 7 not even the vista's c: drive. how can i get to see my other harddrives?
go into disk manager and assign them drive letters. By default Windows 7 does not assign driver letters to other partitions with other operating systems on them.

right click computer, select manage, click on disk manager. Once that appears, right click the drive in question and select change drive letter.
thanks i saw it in another thread... ull shud make it a sticky cause it was very hard to find. do u no of a way to see mac drives because i use to use macdrive but its not supported in windows 7 even if i run the compatabality as vista or xp. also a way to see linux drives (ubuntu to be specfic).. thanks
Windows does not support the Mac and Linux formats. Not natively. Maybe with a 3rd party piece of software.