Windows 7 Display desktop icons


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How do I display icons on the desktop as i do in xp/vista. For example. if i right click on the desktop and creat a new folder it shows upunder desktop on the taskbar but not on the desktop itself. I have to be missing someting very simple.

Did the trick. Went back and saw that was a feature of Vista.
have done most work in xp so it was new to me.

Since you are miles ahead, is there a way to get an icon on the taskbar that allows you to show the desktop with a click I can get it by right clicking on desktop and then selecting show the desktop, a two step process.

Thanks for your help.
There should be a small vertical rectangle at the bottom right of your taskbar. It's function is exactly what you're after I believe. :)

(It's more to the right than your clock)
Right again and thanks again!!!

The feature is very cool. Makes sense that it works that way--just like the open files.

No problem :)

Enjoy Windows 7.

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