Display driver has stopped responding

Hi all,

While using my pc in standart operations such as writing a Word document or reading some webpage, the screen flash and the following message come out:

Display driver atikmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Moreover, in heavy graphics games (Crysis for example) everything works fine.

OS: windows 7 64bit
GPU: HD5970 2GB

Driver: 8.681.0.0 (the one which cames with the latest version of Catalyst 9.12)

Thanks for any help,

Most likely you're getting the error due to the timeout detection and recovery, the feature present in Vista and 7. It can be caused by any faults in the way between the video card and the screen, or it can simply indicate a hardware fault with your GPU.


I would try getting the latest and completely reinstalling ATI drivers as well as all of the ATI software like CCC, Hydravision, Avivo. There is a chance it will help.

Graphics Drivers & Software

In theory, it also could be your motherboard bios that you need to upgrade as ATI 5000 series are so brand new. But make sure to consult ATI support first.


Why do you think its a timeout issue? the problem happens only in low graphic operations..

Tried to install the latest drivers but the problem remains. Have any other ideas?

My motherboard is: Gigabyte ga-p55a-ud5
CPU: intel core i7 860

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