Windows 7 Display driver stopped responding and has recovered


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Jan 12, 2009
i have the x64 version installed. at first i had the 8400gs pci express 2.0 card running on a dual monitor setup. my main screen using a dvi cable would flash black for a second or two and then flicker back on. it would keep doing that randomly. the flickering seemed to have gone away when i turned off aero.

now, i swapped out the card for an ati R4350 and that flicker dont happen anymore, but now once in a while (not nearly as often as with the 8400gs) i would get a few flickers and then on the bottom right it would say "Display driver stopped responding andhas recovered" i got the latest drivers through windows update.
anyone else experiencing this?

i would like to add that i dont play games. it happens wen im just online browsing
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i experience the flickering and the pop up saying the display driver has stopped responding as well. it seems that this problem has existed in vista and there is no viable fix still. Not looking good.

Did you resolve this problem?
yea, i switched over to a VGA cable and everything worked fine. before i was using a DVI cable and i thought the DVI cable was faulty, but i tried a different DVI cable, same problem.
i switched to an ATI card with the DVI cable and the problem went away. I'm assuming my cheap ass geforce 8400gs couldnt support it. I havent tried going back to the DVI cable ever since. not worth the hassle.
then you need to get a dvi to vga adapter. theyre pretty cheap, and it should solve your problem.
No, that doesn't help. I have my main display on my 8400 GS running from DVI through the adapter to my main screen and my second screen runs from the VGA port. I still get the flickering about once every 15 minutes or so...
Display driver stopped responding has been a pain to me as well, up to Nov my OS was Vista Home I was not happy with it, neither was my PC it kept crashing , freezing, dreaded display drivers stopped responding, I upt to windows 7 Pro 32 bit, no crashes no freezing, but display driver stopped responding window was was going up and down like a yoyo, I even got a message informing me I've had that warning 77 times in 8 days.
Like most of you I built my own PC from scratch but am El thicko when things go wrong, in my tin box is : Mobo : Asus M2N SLI Deluxe : Processor: AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core 6400+ 3.21GHz, Graphic card: GEForce 9600 500Mb Gt, Ram: Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5 800MHz.

What and why I did the next please don't ask, but it cured my PC form the dreaded stopped responding bit, here goes hope it helps , I have 4 G's of ram installed 3.5G's useable, I had a spare 2g's inserted it in slot 2, slot 1 & 3 allready had 2g's in each, switched on, Pc would not boot up, removed ram from slot 2 and stuck it in slot 4 PC booted showed 6G's installed 3G's useable 3 days later no pop up of stopped responding appeared, I read on a forum that for some unknown reason windows 7 only recognize's 4G's, this next bit mystified me, I moved stick from slot 1 to slot 2, moved stick from slot 4 to slot 1 then removed stick out of slot 2, back to 4G's of ram, this was 5 weeks ago NO POP UPS, i haven't a clue what I've done right from wrong but I'm cured, sorry it lengthy hope it's not to gibarish.
same problem with a dell mini9. Seems to happen when auto updates occur. If i restore to previous safe store, and then reinstall the updates one at a time everything works..
I had the issue and had to revert to some later drivers.However,this was with my HD3870 that have recently replaced with a HD4860 and havent had the problem.It may be some of the later chipsets on the cards.
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Get the 10.3 preview drivers, I'm having a really good experience with them.
I resolved this issue by flashing my BIOS. Board = Gigabyte S-series. Video Cards = ATI Radeon HD 5750 Nvidia Geforce 9600GT. Both are working fine now. I hope this helps some others who are having this issue.
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