display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered!?

hi there,,
if i am playing league of legends i am getting an error named 'display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered':mad:.. dont know how to fix this.. i tryed newest patch but still it is not fixed, i tryed older versions but still no succes.. uninstalled the game and installed it but that dont work either.. i got a GeForce GTX 260 oc.
Mayby someone got a simiular problem and has fixed it..:pray:
thx for responding to this, and sorry for my english! :p


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Have you updated the drivers for the GTX 260? The newer drivers seem to include 3D components. If you can't get it to work, they keep archived drivers on the Nvidia site so you may end up going back to an earlier one.

hey , yeah i got the newest and i checked older one's but keep getting the error.

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