Display drivers and sound drivers lost.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium and have been using it on my Del 720 XPS with no issues for a month now. Today, while browsing, the screen flickered and the resolution dropped to 1024x768 and my sound stopped working.

I have installed, un-installed, and re-installed all of the drivers from both the manufacturer, from microsoft, and from 3rd parties. I have unseated and reseated the video and sound cards. Nothing works.

Windows 7 recognizes my display driver (nVidia 7900), my monitor (ViewSonic vx2235) and my sound card, but I still have no sound and 1024x768.

I also cannot get the computer into safe mode - there is no video signal to my monitor until the main desktop is displayed.

Finally, no viruses or spyware - I've scanned several times.


I rebooted the monitor.

Yes, you read that right. Pulled the power cord from the monitor, plugged it back in. W7 instanty recognized the monitor and it's resolution capability. The EDID in the monitor was somehow hosed and the power cycle fixed it.

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