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Windows 7 display issue?


New Member
Feb 6, 2009
Hi so I keep getting this issue with windows 7 the build is 7000 where its like things get stuck in the display I've attached a screenshot of what I see Im not sure how to fix it I've tried several things but it still keeps happening and its a random with different programs and then the multipal tabs on task bar by the windows icon not the icons . I'd appreciate any help thanks.

also intresting enough is the clock stops when this happens but if i click on the time the analog clock is correct
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Hmmm... an interesting problem you've got here.. the first thing I would suggest is maybe trying a different video card driver then the one you currently have installed.. it sounds like that would be the appropriate place to start.. if you don't mind my asking, which vid card do you have? and which driver are you using for it? once I know a little bit more about your gpu I can offer some more advice.. ;)

Is everything else working alright on your system? Any "out of order" things in Device Manager?...
no all of that seems to be fine no errors in device manager the wierd thing is it dosent happen all the time just at random and its usually different programs that cause the error. The graphics card is an ati radeon x1270