Display Messed Up

My computer recently got blue screened. I shrugged it off, hoped for the best and restarted. When I turned it back (and booted normally) everything ( the icons, browsers, clients) was too big. it's over sized and quite inconvenient. I've looked around the internet for solutions, but can't find anything.
I've adjusted the screen resolution which helped, but didn't fix it.
I've updated my GeForce 8000GT driver, no difference.
I've checked my DPI, it's at 96, supposedly standard.
I've scrolled out in order to make icons and the internet seem smaller, but of course, they are just simple fixes that only affect a couple things.
Lastly, I have done a couple system restores to different points, without success.
I'd really like to just get my size and smoothness back.
Any ideas?
Thanks guys.

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Right click any where on the open desktop, click view and select small, medium or large icons.

Haha, thanks for trying. But it is not anything simple like that. My browser, and any program for that matter, works fine but is oversized.

For your browser, click the alt tab, click view, tool bar, then status bar. You should see a bar above the task bar with a number and a % sign with a black downward facing arrow. Click the arrow and select your desired size (default is 100%).

You're not getting it.
This applies to EVERYTHING.
The icons on my desktop and the browser are the least of my problems.

Sorry I misread or just got confused. What does it say in the event viewer?

What on the event viewer do you want me to tell you?

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