Display problems with color inversion in portrait orientation

I use windows 7 Magnifier with color inversion turned on. It works fine until I rotate the screen to portrait orientation (or flipped portrait, no difference). Then half of the screen becomes blank with some random rectangles showing up when I move the mouse cursor in that area. When I turn the color inversion off, everything looks OK again.
I was wondering if it's just my machine or is this problem common? Someone came up with a solution?

What Video Card are you using and are your drivers for it uptodate as this sounds like an driver issue

Hey, thanks for your interest!
I have an HP tx2-1050ew laptop with Radeon HD 3200. Driver version is 8.632, which is from september 2009, but it looks like ATI hasn't released any newer version for mobile cards (at least for Win7 x64)... Well, I guess I'll have to wait.

I do believe you'll not have a long wait as AMD/ATI are promising to release Mobil drivers in their 10.3 catalyst driver package for both 32bit and 64bit windows 7

Darn, the new drivers didn't solve the problem at all :/
I'm posting a screenshot to show what exactly is going on, hope someone will be able to figure it out eventually. BTW, I was surprised the errors are visible on screenshots - does it tell us something? :)


If new drivers didn't fix the problem then it's most likely not an video card issue but rather an MS magnifier problem not liking the portrait style as you say it works OK without color inversion but not with, is there a particular reason you need to use color inversion

Well, it's not really crucial for me - it's just that when I surf the web or read documents at night in a dark room I like to invert colors to see white letters on dark background instead of dark letters on bright background (too bright and my eyes hurt). I was just annoyed by this bug and hoped there was a solution.

if you find normal viewing at night hurts the eyes then you could do what i do which is turn down brightness 50% (takes the edge off of white) and turn up contrast to 90~95%

I have the same problem on my computer (Fujitsu T4310, display adapter is : Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family)
I am also using windows 7 64-bit. I think that the problem is with the Magnifier.

I reported the problem to Microsoft in May 2010.
Magnifier Error: The top Half of Screen becomes Corrupted when using Color Inversion
But they are not willing to listen.

I have been trying for a while to get Microsoft to fix this issue. I even made a graphic so they will understand their error, but they don't listen.

Magnifier Programming error.jpg

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