Display - Screen imperfection issue that expands & resets when off


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This is an old existing issue that I have had on an old Laptop that I purchased in 2015.

On the top left area there is a bright discoloration that takes only a small part of the screen. Maybe 0.1%.

This would reset and go away at any time that the screen is off for about 30-60 min. No need to turn the PC off. Just resets when the screen is off back to 0. So it might be heat related.

It is a standard LCD over LED backlight screen.

It expands at a rate of just a few pixels per hour but stops when it reaches a certain size.

It has been there for several years already.

I tried to remove and reattach the screen cable but that did not help.

Can anyone explain what is the cause of this issue?

Can it be solved or is it a screen defect?


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The attached image was found on the internet and it is exactly the same as what I have but mine is about 1/3 of that at the moment. but it might expand more if I leave the screen on for even a longer time.

It called image persistence.



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No solution found on the internet. It seems that it is an imperfection in the screen. So it is a hardware issue.

Not a big deal since it does not affect a big area of the screen.


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Yup, sounds like you have some pixels are on the fritz. Screen replacement is likely your only fix.