Dissappearing Office Icons

Just installed windows 7 with no problems...

except I kept all of my program icons at the base of my screen pinned to the blue task bar. When windows 7 completed installing there were no icons there and I had to reload my most used ones.

My problem is this: I now do not have any icons for the MS Office programs. I can't find them. I go to programs and open up the MS Office folder to drag them out and all of the office programs I was using are not shown, there are no program icons for Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc...

Anyone have a suggestion on how and where to find them so I can reload them on the task bar.


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what about if you go to Start and then type in winword


That helps me with word and I was able to find excel but the other applications in Office are still missing.

Try going to Start ==> All Programs ==> Microsoft Office ==> (right click on a program here: ie Word, Excel, etc)

Select "Send To" then "Desktop (create shortcut)

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