Divert AIM icon from taskbar to system tray

To whoever may figure this puzzle out, thank you so much in advance!

The situation:

AIM! Normally, when the buddy list is minimized, it goes and hides in the system tray. This was so with XP, Vista, and Win 7 Beta/RC. However... Win 7 Ultimate, no such deal. The AIM icon STAYS on the taskbar, rather than hide in the system tray. The icon is there when the buddy list is minimized and when it is closed, but not exited out of AIM. I am finding this very annoying.

The question:

Does ANYONE know how to get the AIM icon to hide in the system tray when the buddy list is minimized/closed, just like it used to do?

Thank you again!


Hey, I just found out how.
I went to the AIM settings, and under the Buddy List tab, there's an option: "Hide the taskbar icon when I close the Buddy List"
Just check that, and it's back to normal.

Honestly, the fact that that option exists is pretty dumb in my opinion, but as long as there's a way to get rid of it, I'm game.
Good Luck,


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Thanks! I'll try this out soon as I get home.

Sorry, but that does not work unless you close the Buddy List. If you minimize it, AIM stays on the taskbar. In order to stay in AIM and not have it on your taskbar, you must set it so that it does not sign you out when you close your Buddy List AND check to hide the taskbar icon when closing the Buddy List.

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