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Hi everyone,

Installed Windows 7 on new system over the weekend. Running on new Intel i7 920, 4gb DDR3, Geforce 9600GT.

Having serious issues with Divx web player, when i open somthing to watch the web player will connect - buffer - play about 1 second of video then the whole browser will crash, in some cases the browser will restart. Ive tried running it in compat mode but still crashing in both Internet Explorer and also Firefox, anyone else had the same problem?

Im fairly new to whole Windows 7 (and even Vista) ive jumped straight up from Windows XP SP3 so im open to advice.

Thanks in advance.

- Edit - Also forgot to add im using dual screens and usually have browsers in the off-screen dont know if that has anything to do with it - Both have different resolutions, one is 1920x1400 and other is 1280x1024


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Divx Wen Player and i7

I've been having the same problems. Here is Divx's response:

Dear DivX User,

We have determined that the cause of the issue is due to the fact that the DivX Web Player does not currently work with i7 machines.

We regret that we do not currently have a solution to offer to you, however we are now actively working to find a solution.

I will contact you when a new webplayer becomes available.

DivX Support Team

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Looks like we're waiting for a patch. :frown:


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Hey sorry for late reply,

I did exactly what you said uninstalled it all and installed that version you linked, everything now works perfect. Thanks man!!! Appears theres a problem with the i7 and new divx versions. Hope they fix it soon :)

Thanks again!!

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