dlink dpr-1260

I use this as a wireless printer point and a wireless internet connection for a PC. All worked fine with XP but wont work with WIN 7 32 Premium.
Problems:Other PC can communicated with printer. But PC connected to router cannot. It might if I could download printer drivers. PC connected to dlink when I open IE 8 the progress bar moves to halfway and I get a little clock at bottom left corner of window. Firefox opens to home page but same thing with progress bar. I can ping yahoo via CMD window. I can ping my main router but cannot access it via the IP address.
I have reset this thing so many times its SAD. Dlink support site has no info on windows 7 and googling this dlink windows 7 comes up spotty at best but no answer.

What I am trying to do is get PC(kids room) connected to internet via my Netgear running DD-WRT and the printer working, like it did with XP pro.

Any thoughts?
I did unchecked the IPV6 and that did nothing, so I rechecked it.
Did not mean to post twice but put first post in wrong cat.

To add,
I can access internet hard wired, No problems with that.

But as soon as hook back to the DPR-1260 my connection is almost none existent. I open firefox and can see the head lines in the news but if I click on any story it just hangs trying to open page.
And IE 8 just hags period.

I have been scouring the net for a clue to no avail.


Me too!

I'm having similar issues. I am running a pc with window 7 home premium wired to a DPR-1260. The 1260 is a wireless bridge to my linksys router. I get network and internet access however when I try to navigate to most links the browser hangs. Interestingly I can access my google page and several blogs but no other sites.

I was using this exact configuration with XP on the PC with no issues, when I upgraded to Windows 7 it worked fine at first and then (seemingly at random) failed after a few days.

My Laptop (running Vista) connects wirelessly to the router directly and has full internet access, so it's not a router problem.

Any big giant brains out there who can help?

Your laptop is connected to Linksys router wireless, Right? I never got connection via the 1260 no matter what I did. I am interested how you had yours to work for a little while.
I think its a 1260 issue, its not on the Windows 7 product support page. I ended up buying a wireless adapter to connect.

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