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    Hi, I have had this problem for months now and have searched for a solution many times' I have no thumbnails in video files, photos (jpg and bmp OK) I have not selected do not show thumbnails in folder options!
    In my research I was told that dllhost.exe was responsible for showing thumbnails. I have tried scanning the file checker tool in command prompt and it is 100% OK.
    Dllhost.exe is not running in services (right click my computer/manage/services and applications/services) should it be, if so, how do I get it running. I tried opening by going to windows/system 32/dllhost but it wouldn't open.
    I have Nero (uninstalled and reinstalled) no good! I have no codecs now but I have tried shark's, klite and ffdshow with no success.
    If media player is the problem can I uninstall and reinstall? I have Itunes, Quicktime but these were installed when all was OK as was Nero.
    Can someone help? Thanks

    I have Windows 7 upgraded from vista!
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    Change the default player to Windows Media Player and see if that works. Uninstall all the codec packs K-Lite, Shark VLC etc. Rebuild the Icon cache.

    1) Click Start, and open Computer.
    2) On the Tool bar, click Organize and choose Folder and Search Options.
    3) Click the View tab, and check to select the Show hidden files and folders option, and click OK.
    4) Then, enter the following directory:


    5) Find the IconCache.db file, and rename it as IconCache.db.old.
    6) Close the window, and restart the computer.

    Hope this helps,

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