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    Am using manual IP in all the computers in my office. Some of the computer showing yellow symbols on the network button.

    When I try to load a site, it respond... The server Yahoo! can't be found because the DNS Look-Up failed. DNS is network service that translate a website's name to its internet address.

    I'll appreciate urgent respond.


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    First thing I would probably do is check and confirm that nothing on your default gateway for your network (your Router) has changed or been reset to defaults making your current static IP addressing scheme erroneous.
    Second I would examine the static addresses you are using for DNS resolution. Click the yellow symbols and see what is being reported in the form of an error.
    Check the WAN side of your router and make sure everything is proper with respect to your ISP's requirements for configuration (auto, dynamic, static, PPPoe, etc.,)
    Try adding your ISP's DNS server addresses to the static values in the properties of IPv4 in the properties of your network adapter(s)
    Preferred: (dns1.valueplusng.com)
    Alternate: (dns2.valueplusng.com)
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