DNS server is slow


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When I try to go to some web pages I get the following:

This site can’t be reached​

Check if there is a typo in (the URL I am trying for).
If spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

There is no typo, and Windows Network Diagnostics says there is no problem. I can hit Reload and usually the site will emerge eventually. This only happens with some websites. I get a similar type of effect when trying to upload files to a server - cannot connect. But it eventually does. This is a relatively new problem for me. How to fix?



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Lots of things could cause this.
  • Any number of misbehaving network protocols
  • A VPN
  • Security software
  • Browser or browser extensions

I'd start by ruling out a particular browser or try a private mode and see if the issue clears up. You can also try changing your DNS. and (Google) Cloudflare Quad 9 DNS


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I get the same problem using Edge and Chrome. I changed the DNS to Google but it didn't fix it. I get related problems with other programs. On WinSCP I get connection failed, and then later it appears. I am using the default settings for firewall and am using only Microsoft virus protection. I don't think I have a VPN. I am getting this problem only with my desktop. Other devices don't seem to be affected.