DNS will not resolve for one domain name.


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I am at my ropes end. I have a reseller hosting account on a Unix/linux like server. We recently change to a new server. Different IP address. DNS was updated. As far as I can tell all records set up correctly.

The problem is I can ping the IP, not the domain. (using cmd) Unless I navigate to the url in a browser. Then for a while I can resolve. Until the browser or tab is close. Then can not be resolved. I can ping google, ebay, any other domain. Just not the Hosting and my reseller host.

I can ping all A records if I use a Internet network tool. Like Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS .

On one hand I think it my home network, or ISP. Hughesnet (uses browser proxy). The other hand I thinks its dns. Its been a week or better.

I can go to the url in the browsers no problem. (IE8, Opera) Mail client can not resolve mail server unless I navigate to mail.litesitehost.com. Then the record works until a shut the tab down. I can use the ip as a server just fine, every time.

Would someone ping, or nslookup; mail.litesitehost.com for me. If it resolves then its my network or machine.

I just can understand this one. I flusheddns. stop/start dns cache. windows 7 all updates.


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see attached.

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thanks trouble.

I just can understand why this one domain.


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Thanks guys. I narrowed it down to the Hughesnet ISP. Its a satellite ISP. Beelined A proxy server, with dns sever that dominates. I don't know how long it takes for their dns to rollover. But I called support. Their is nothing they can do.

sorry about the post, I thought it may be windows 7 dns cache. But thanks for the reply's I know its not my pc or network now.

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