Do I have a bad WIFI card in my new laptop?

Just purchased new Samsung laptop with Wondows 7 and I use IE9. I have wireless Uverse at the house. Also have another older Toshiba (also W7 and IE9). I have no problems with Toshiba on internet. The Samsung keeps getting 404 errors and it will occasionally lose connection. The icon in bottom tray will show that no connections are available. It doesn't see my modem or my neighbors' modems on the list.
Also it once showed 60% signal on the Samsung while it indicated 100% on the Toshiba.
When I reset the Samsung, the connection comes back and "available" list is repopulated.
I'm thinking I have a bad card in computer. Before I talk to Samsung customer support I'm looking for any comments or suggestions.
If it is a bad card,what best way to handle issue with minimal shop time for computer? I bought from Best Buy and I've heard bad things about their Geek Squad.



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even though the machine is new there might be driver or bios updates for your machine. Please go to the manufacturers web site and check for updates. Also have you checked for virus or malware activity? Try using Malwarebytes as it's good at what it does:

Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download

I got hold of Samsung customer support. The guy led me through the process of going to Samsung site and reloading driver. It works now. Actually it has been working all day.
He said try it out and it may now be OK. If not he said to call back and we will try some kind of system recovery.
The worse scenario will be to send unit to service center in Texas.
I've had Microsoft Security Essentials from day one. Did not find any malware.

Will keep you posted.



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If it is working reliably and properly now, just make sure you do not allow Windows Update or any other resource to change or "update" the driver. Sometimes integrated network adapters can be so proprietary that even a driver from the actual device manufacturer can cause problems and they will only work properly with drivers provided by your laptop manufacturer. It's rare but it does happen.
To prevent Windows Update from installing unwanted hardware device drivers, right click computer and choose properties.
From the left column choose Advanced system settings.
Select the Hardware Tab
Then the Device Installation Settings button
Select the No, let me choose what to do radio button
Then the Never install driver software from Windows Update.

Thanks Randy. I have made changes.


I have finally resolved all issues.

It was the crappy new Samsung laptop from Best Buy. The POS cost $700+. Not only did the IE not work, but the unit would lock up and would not respond to any input. And the unit could not located my Uverse DSL modem (sitting right next to it). My other laptop had no problem with this. And after rebooting the Samsung , it would find the modem every time (bad card most likely).

I took it back to Best Buy. They graciously gave me store credit towards another laptop. I got the Toshiba Satellite Pro. It is a fantastic computer. And amazingly all my problems disappeared. The IE works flawlessly and it is actually much nicer for being the same price.


They make great TV's. But you could not GIVE me another Samsung computer.

Also the saleslady told me they have had numerous complaints about the Samsung units and that the Geek Squad guys think it is a piece of crap.

I would highly recommend Best Buy just for the customer service in this matter. They were eager to see that I was a happy customer.


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Glad to hear that you managed to resolve your problem. Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with your solution information.
Thanks for joining our community and we hope to continue to see you around the forum.

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