do i need acronis in win10 pro?


hi,my question is if i really need acronis or something like that to backup image for win10pro or are the tools of windows enough for that?


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Is Good it works for you

I only use Acronis offline boot CD where it runs in Linux and where don't have background noise.
Tried to restore image and my system was totally messed up. I done a complete reinstall with win10 dvd but had to recreate partitions. Acronis said the images was corrupt. I upgraded to 2016 and no more problems.


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I use Acronis 2015 at home and work as well... I'm happy you like 2016 and have it working for you but 2015 works on Wx as well.


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Personal speaking, it is necessary to have a third-party software for backing up data for Windows 10. Windows 10 Pro does really have a great powerful than previously versions, but it still has many limitations, especially the function of backing data up. You may get a lot of troubles if you do not know about the built-in backup tool. But if you backup with third-party software like AOMEI Backupper, you can create system backup image Windows 10 more flexible and use it do more things.