DO NOT USZE -- these are SCAMS or "Semi-Scams"

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    Hi guys
    Finding Drivers can usually be a real pain - especially if you get a yellow exclamation mark against "Unknown Device" or "Mass Storage controller".

    You'll probably find it tempting to look at those programs that "Offer to fix your drivers Free" / "Scan your computer" etc etc -- they all say "Download is Free or Free Download.

    That's all that is usually free.

    After the download when you try and run the program you'll be usually prompted before you can use any useful facility of the program to "Register", "pay a monthly / yearly fee to access the largest database in the known universe" etc etc.

    Also these programs are often full of ADWARE, MALWARE,SPYWARE, NAGWARE etc etc. At the very least you'll be inviting a load of extra spam into your email box if you do get hoodwinked into "registration".

    The unwilling often pay the usually small up front fee which is where these people make their money from.

    An Insidious HORRIBLE marketing trick


    These ploys are similar to those "TV Quizzes" where you are offered say a large prize for a rediculously easy question e.g pick the answer -- which one is not an animal a) a cat, b) a dog, c) a computer.

    Where this scam makes its money is that you have to call a very expensive phone premium line costing around 2 - 3 USD / 2 GBP..
    Say 100,000 people call in (typical numbers who get suckered into this) --very nice 200,000 USD made for say offering a 50,000 USD (or smaller) prize.

    I know searching for drivers can be a pain but here's a better way to do it.

    In the device manager go to the driver that's not working properly or "Unknown Device".
    Right mouse click ==>properties

    select detialis
    on Property scroll down to Hardware ID's
    You should some lines something like this

    or / and

    These letters are "Manufacturers ID" .

    There's a database of Vendors available which you can download (quite large) however just google on the vendor ID and you should then be able to find links without using those nasty "non free" programs.

    In the case above I found the device which was causing me problems on a laptop -- was actuially O2Micro integrated MMC /SD controller and O2 Micro integrated MS/MSPRO controller.

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