Do you hit "Caps Lock" instead of "A"?


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Everybody in the world except me may already know this. I just found it and it is very helpful to me and hopefully to a few hundred or few thousand other users. This may have been available in Vista and possibly even XP, but I know it is available in Windows 7. If you frequently accidentally hit Caps Lock while typing, you may want to make your computer make a sound when the caps lock key is pressed.

Go to "Control Panel"> "Ease of Access Center"> "Change How Your Keyboard Works"> "Make Keyboard
Easier to Use"> "Make it Easier to Type". Check the check box for: "Turn on Toggle keys". After checking the required checkbox, exit back to your desktop. You will now hear a tone when you hit "Caps Lock", "Scroll Lock", or "Num Lock". (Make sure you keep your sound turned on)

I use Master Task Mode (aka God Mode), so if you use the default Windows Control Panel, you may have to do a bit of searching to find the above path. It is well worth the seARCH TO PREVENT THIS MISTAKE.

Good luck to all.

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I usually hit CAPS LOCK instead of the Shift. Luckily I use a keyboard that can disable this key which I have done Keyboard in MS wireless 4000


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I just used a reg hack to disable the caps lock key.

Would you be willing to share that registry hack with others who might be interested? Might be helpful to several of us if you would post it here. Thank you.