Windows 7 Do you know what Socket the AMD Turion64 X2 has?


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Jan 12, 2009
Well, I know the anwser to that. "S1", or so I think what that is.

What I realy want to know is what is the S1 compatible with?

Socket 754?
Socket 370?

Or is it just "S1"?
Didnt the S1 replace the 754 socket? I think its 754 for single core Turion and S1 for dual core. I dont think they work the other way
It's 638 pin.
It's a sempron/turion socket, used only in laptops.

Are you asking 'cause you're looking to switch out your processor?
If so, some bad news; most laptop CPUs are soldered to the motherboard.
Naw, my laptop screen has been rendered unusable and repairs would cost too much.
So we are replacing it.

I'll be gutting my laptop and plan to use it as a "Mobile Desktop".

She's already pretty thin. An inch, it is a laptop after all. I figured I could deal with some extra inches and cough up some dough and give her a new heat sink.

Thanks, I'll TRY to find something...

Oh, and I did find out that it was a 638 pin CPU, I just wans't sure if that's how they classified the CPU.

That must be what those other numbers meant then.
Wait, why would the socket have anything to do with it?

Couldn't I just get a heat sink with the screws "X cm" away from each other?
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