Windows 7 Does 7 come with the latest nVidia drivers?

Windows 7 installs the nVidia drivers automatically from windows update. But it's better to download the latest from nvidia web site and manually install it.
I just installed Win 7 on my old laptop which has a Geforce Go 6150 and Windows update found the driver for it no problems. Couldnt find a driver for it any where else.
As soon as you activate Windows, you should immediately get an update for the Nvidia driver.

I'd choose Windows update rather than Nvidia site as the one provided from Windows Update is the WDM (Windows Driver Model), which is the best one.
nVidia has newer drivers than those available from Windows Update, at least the last I checked.

The latest are 185.85. There are WDDM 1.1 drivers for Win7 (both X86 and X64). They are WHQL certified.

(I'm surprised that there are certified drivers for a beta OS, but there it is.)