(Does this look normal?) Intelburntest + CPUID


I stupidly tried overclocking >< I have no idea what im doing, does this information look ok to you guys?

2600k intel i7
asus p8z68-V/gen3
gtx 580 (super overclockable series)
8gb cosair vengence
cosair 850TX

Thanks let me know if you see any problems, and if you could give me directions to solve it would be really grateful :D

EDIT: I may of posted this in the wrong section lol >< If any Mod sees this could you move it to wherever it would be best :)

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This time on very high settings



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Looks good to me.


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Overclocking isn't that bad, not with modern components. It's quite rare that you burn anything. In fact, many manufacturers offer ready solutions for overclocking, like AMD Overdrive, MSI OC Genie II of which I have a simple button on my 990FXA-GD80
motherboard, or like my Graphics Card ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti DirectCu II TOP, which is factory overclocked from the very start.

The only true problem is, your warranty may end with an overclock. Factory overclocks or some done with like, AMD Overdrive, don't end the warranty.

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