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Does windows 7 has a tool to read or export command lines supported by .exe files ? I wanted to find the command for a player to load file, and other commands if possible. If such tool done exist in windows 7, where can i get one ? Thanks in advance :) Reason why i ask is because using CMD commands such as ASSOC and FTYPE found here Windows XP Commands are not doing their job. File extension is associated correctly but if "%1" is used (as says it needs to be used in my case) player says "Cannot load null". If %1 is not there, then player is not even trying to load anything, it just opens up and thats it, as if executed file was not pushed into the player. Command's finder tool would rock my world just about now lol :)

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Just take a look in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and look for any .exe with a generic icon.

Now go to Start > Run , type cmd, Now try one pg those generic icon exe files

for example shutdown.exe

type that and add /?

hundreds are located in the System32 directory

i knew someone would tell me this. :D
No man, am not talking about xcopy msconfig or what ever junk system32 comes with. Am talking about other stuff like a game for example.
Game executable supports (no i am not talking about console commands) some commands right ? Like windowed mode and stuff.
Video players support commands like (player.exe file=movie.avi /p /p for play) just an example
How do i know what commands work for this player and if it has any commands it unrenstands
/? is not gonna work with anything other then console executables (the generic icon like you talking about)

Just like some installers have silent install switches that allow you to install software with 1 double click
or other switches or commands supported by one ot another executable file
How to find those ?



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Sorry, I don;y know, you'll just have to experiment

Does anyone else know of any app that would read all supported commands/switches by one or another executable file.?
Keep in mind that adding /? or /help or help or ? to start up line is not the answer and 99.9% of the time will not work unless its an executable from sytem32 folder made by microsoft or any othe console application.
Am not taking about console apps, am talking about regular .exe files that could come from games or progams like antivirus.
Pretty sure antivirus programs have some support for some commands and so do some games and media players. I just want to find a tool that would search/find those supported commands/switches

Thanks in advance.

I dont see how this program can help me finding file.exe supported commands.
No options to load file or read supported file commands or edit anything other then .log files which i have no interest in.
As for CMD replacement its very nice but useless to me caz i am used to code bat's old way.
Anything else or am i missing something ?

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I re-read you post, but I have near heard of any type of software to do that.

to bad no one else replied but you.
As for your question in your signature line: Money come from printer which printed way over its gold reserve. Still printing :D


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to bad no one else replied but you.
As for your question in your signature line: Money come from printer which printed way over its gold reserve. Still printing :D
Would you explain that a little better?

it has nothing to do with my topic


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Such tools doesn't exist i think, it's upon the software you're using which let you know this typing -? on command line.

However, an old version of Girder (3.x) (free, newest aren't) can help you to find the internals commands use by your software using event recording. You should be able to rerun them using scripting

No sure this can help, but AutoIt can let you create mini apps with a wide range of windows functions and i think there's a command to launch the internals commands discovered with girder...

I haven't test theses 2 softs (Girder 3.x and AutoIt) on windows 7.

Sorry only clues, i dont know a easy global solution to your problem.

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