Does Windows 7 Starter Have Handwriting Recognition?


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So, I bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet for the purpose of taking notes on OneNote 2007 and using its handwriting to text feature. However, when I press the button the feature doesn't work. Furthermore, I can't even find the tablet PC input for Windows 7 for handwriting recognition. I've tried looking all throughout control panel with no success. I've tried searching for tablet input panel and tabtip.exe and my search comes up empty. Can anyone guide me in my search? Or does windows 7 simply not have this feature?

Edit: After searching more extensively, I finally found tabtip.exe. However, the program does not open. It simply does nothing when I click on it. Any thoughts?

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Windows 7 Start is only sold in developing marketplaces. I would be surprised if it has the feature, but I don't know for sure. During early considerations, there was talk about only allowing one program to be open at a time. This is a severely limited copy of the operating system, and is strictly bare bones. Home Premium, which is the next step up, definitely has it. I would have to evaluate the Starter Edition to give you a definitive answer, but someone else may know for sure. I have also researched for an answer to this question in other places, but could not find one. I may well try out Starter Edition if I can get an evaluation copy and let you know for sure.

My father's netbook came installed with Starter. I used it for like a day before changing that. It could only run 3 apps consecutively, you couldn't change the background without a 3rd party app, the themes were very limited, there was no Media Center and there were other restrictions and limitations. It wasn't so great to be honest. It's really meant for someone that strictly uses a machine for web browsing and e-mail.

I would think upgrading to any other version of Windows 7 will allow the tablet to work well and the app to open correctly. Same as Mike though, just a guess.

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