does windows 7 starter support external DVD burners?

hello; i'm very confused and i'm hoping things can be cleared up here.
i'm looking to buy a netbook, but i've read that windows 7 starter does not support DVD playback. does this mean /only/ that i cannot play movies, but that i can use an external DVD drive?

for example, which of the following can windows 7 starter do:
1. read DVD-Rs from an external DVD drive?
2. burn DVD-Rs using an external DVD burner drive?

thanks for any help!


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Don't know how many folks on this forum run the Starter version, but are you asking because you have an external burner that is not working?

As far as I know, it should support most devices.

Since you changed the question, maybe check here to see. It has a line about Create and Play DVDs which is unchecked as far as capability.

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i am asking because i am going to buy a netbook, but want to see if i can opt not to get the upgrade to windows home edition (ie because the upgrade costs about 80$). i want to read the files in windows explorer on all the dvd-r's i already have, and want to burn dvd-r's with computer files on them, too, so i will be getting a usb dvd burner drive.

i had looked at the chart you linked to, but it is ambiguous. the leaves "Create and Play DVDs" unchecked, but it is unclear if that means that you ONLY can't create and play *movie* DVD-Rs but can create and play regular computer DVD-Rs, or if it means you can't create or play *any* DVD-Rs at all.

i am not asking how to play DVD movies on a netbook with windows starter 7.
i'm asking if windows starter 7 can read computer files off a DVD-R, and if windows starter 7 can writer DVD-Rs with computer files on them.

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