Does Winrar still cause that graphical glitch.

Has that glitch where the menu bar doubles in width when you install winrar been fixed with the new releases?

No, but after looking at it I think I'm going to get universal extractor instead. Thanks again reg.


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This program just saved by butt today, otherwise I'd be re-installing.

My Blue-ray player asked to update itself through Cyberlink's website.

After the install, popping in a Blue-ray disk, it said "Format not supported."

I located an upgrade version on my external USB drive and got an error stating I need version 2.34 retail to install the update.

I went to HP''s site and downloaded the older file from their.

I tried installing that and it stated was system was not compatible with the player.

I then extracted the contents of that older version using universal Extractor, opened up the file and extracted over 2,000 files to the C:\Program Files\HP\DVDPlay directory and all subdirectories, fired it it and now it's working fine again.


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