doesn't recognize my wireless card

so first thing i tried after installing the release candidate was antivirus software (in this case AVGfree) and it needed to connect to the internet to complete. I checked the icon in the taskbar and it told me there was no signal, which i know there is. add devices never completed so for some reason it's not finding my wireless card. the best infor i can find on the model or hardware right now is RT2561/RT61 made by linksys


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Messyhair, I have the same problem whenever I "format and reinstall" to a later Windows 7 version. I have not found a solution for this, but I found a work-around. (My level of expertise here is quite low, so if someone more qualified has a better suggestion, check them out.) My suggestion may or may not be practical for you. I found that if I connected to the router by ethernet cable and loaded the OS and got online and everything working with the wire connection, I could then unplug the wire and everything would work normally wirelessly. I only have to do this once during the initial installation. Good Luck.

Thanks John, that would have been my next step, but i found the driver after pulling out my wireless card for a model # and loaded the driver from a jump drive.

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